The products we create come from plants grown by us and are marked by the logo "from seed to plate". This choice has been determined by several factors: the difficulty of finding organic plants in season, the magic of witnessing seeds sprouting, growing rhythms, varying durability of seeds throughout the year, and the conviction that a plant grown from seed that stays in its place of plating is more resistant to parasites and climatic adversities.


  • Cultivation without the use of any chemical or medicinal products, even those allowed by organic regulations.
  • Harvesting and processing in the same day: we do not have refrigerators, so everything cultivated during the day has to be pasteurized in the evening .
  • Simple–but tasty–recipes: largely Tuscan, sometimes improvised upon with our evolving knowledge.


6 types of patés : artichoke, wild fennel, asparagus, wild asparagus, dried tomatoes, cardoon with dried tomatoes;
5 types of rustic vegetable sauces: white onions and walnuts, leeks, eggplant, zucchini , wild broccoli
5 vegetables “in oil”: artichokes, dried tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and hot chili peppers;
4 tomato sauces: vegetarian ragu, black olives and capers salsa, spicy tomato sauce, garden vegetable;
2 spreads: pumpkin and chestnuts, chickpeas and wild herbs;

4 pestos: vegetarian pesto (basil), pesto with aromatic herbs, Pesto with Tuscan kale (an important product, thanks to the recent discovery of the antioxidant properties. Our recipe uses pine nuts, almonds, high quality EVO oil, garlic and herbs. Great for seasoning pasta or gnocchi, or as a side dish for chickpeas and beans), and Red pesto;
4 jams: chopped figs, blackberry, raspberry, apricot, quince;
1 jam, bitter oranges, with oranges grown in pots

In addition to our fresh herbs, we make an herbal salt for meat and one for fish or vegetables.
From 2016, with the collaboration of Dr. Matteo Politi, a pharmacist, naturopath and above all a great connoisseur of the our traditional herbs, we started to produce:
Lavender essential oil (now distilled at the biological laboratory of Podere Santa Bianca)
Lavender aromatic water
Rosemary aromatic water
As well as various Infusions (Lavender, Hyssop, St. John’s-wort, Helicrysum (curry plant).


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